Choosing the Best Home Theater Seating Option

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As a home theater owner, always consider the type of room that you are using when weighing home theater seating options. Whether in a multi use room or a dedicated ht, three ht seating options for either room arrangement are the sectional, the dedicated ht loungers. Here are some tips to help you decide upon the best possible home theater seating option.

Choosing a seating arrangement is really based on your preference as the theater owner and what you want to accomplish. The first seating option is the sectional. Sectionals provide a more casual look, as they are typically an L-shape configuration and offer more flexibility. Because the sectional often has a sleeper mechanism, the result is more function or more variable function if placed in the middle of a family room type environment with a plasma screen over the mantle. Sectionals provide a more casual family entertainment seating in an L-shaped type of theater configuration while the HTsystem is lined up with either a curved or straight-across arrangement.

The next seating option is the home theater lounger. HT loungers are really designed for the customer who really wants to set up a pure home theater, whether it is in an open format or a dedicated room with chairs. HT loungers are individual seats that typically have cup holders on them as well as additional options that add to the HTexperience. In terms of comparing seating options, sectionals and typical motion seating do not have the options that HT loungers have. As a seating option, HT loungers typically have reclining mechanisms included.

The last seating option is the wall clearance system. Wall clearance seating is placed a couple of inches away from the wall and reclines more forward than back. As a seating option, the wall away seating mechanism is important because it may be placed in the back of the room as few, as 6 inches away from the wall, for a full recline operation that will not touch the wall. The result is the retention of your original eyeball distance for your home theater seating.

Choosing a seating option is dependent on the preferences of the theater owner as well as the functionality of the space available. After existing room and system characteristics are considered, seating options may be weighed and decided upon for the best possible home theater experience.

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Choosing the Best Home Theater Seating Option

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This article was published on 2010/04/01