Home Theater Seating Distance and Your Home Theater Experience

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There are several issues any home theater owner needs to ponder before determining home theater seating. Before doing anything else, decide whether or not their home theater will be dedicated or situated in an all-purpose room. Once the location of the system itself is established, then seating distance may be examined.

There are several options to look as to the seating introduced into the room; but, the room size must be a consideration. There is a correlation between the room size and the amount of seating that is put in. When a TV is purchased, the electronics store will explain the importance of determining the HT seating distance in relation to your TV. The term often used is "eyeball distance," which means for a 62 inch TV in plasma, ideal seating is 8 or 9 feet away from that screen for the perfect distance to get the benefit of the TV. Once the seating distance has been settled on 9 feet from your TV, then your seating can be planned accordingly. When  seating is observed in the field, it appears fairly simple because it is really all about comfort. And by all means, buy the comfortable product. The best way to guarantee the most comfortable product for your needs is to find a product with the most options for customizing your theater seating for either your family room or your dedicated theater.

Formulas do exist that can be used to determine relative eyeball distance. The best way for you to determine optimal distance is to physically visit the electronics store and ask the salespeople on the retail floor, "If I were to buy a 52" TV, what should my  seating distance need to be?" The electronics associates should be able to provide the exact information for the recommended distance. Generally, 7 to 9 feet away from the TV is a very general seating distance and is relatively accurate, depending on the size of the set. However, absolute information should be attained from the electronics company.

Purchasing and setting up a home theater is a decision that requires careful planning. Smarter Home Theater suggests determining the ideal home theater seating distance between the system and the proposed seating before making any final decisions regarding room arrangement.

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Home Theater Seating Distance and Your Home Theater Experience

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This article was published on 2010/04/01