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If you are in love with the theater, then you might want to visit the ancient Epidaurus Theater. It is the best preserved Greek theater. It is located around 60km south of the Greek city of Corinth in the small village of Epidaurus. This village was an important commercial and religious centre about 25 centuries ago.

The theatre was discovered in 1881 by Panadis Kavadias, a prominent Greek archaeologist of the 19th century out of curiosity. It took him six years of hardwork to excavate an almost intact theater. Archaeological facts suggest that the theater could have been constructed around 330BC by Polyclitus the Younger, an excellent sculptor an architect from Argos, a nearby city.

For a visitor, it is easy to identify the basic parts of the theater. The orchestra, a flat circular area used for dancing and chorus, is encircled by a narrow strip of marble. Its floor is of compacted earth, and it has an altar in the middle. Behind the orchestra is the scene building, of which only the foundations remain.

The Epidaurus theatre had a total seating capacity of more than 13,000. The seats in the front row are exclusively reserved for dignitaries. These seats are built of a reddish stone and have support for the back and differ from others.

Many tourists enjoy standing in the middle of the orchestra and reciting poems, sing, or even whisper to the friends sitting far up in the topmost rows. The sound waves are hardly diminished when they reach upper rows.

Also sound reflection as it strikes the hard, compact surface of the orchestra and the tiers of seats help to ensure good sound production.

Annually, a drama festival is hosted at the theater. Every summer, many Greek and foreign theatrical companies, gather at the theater to present performances of ancient dramas. Thousands of tourists and theater lovers visit this site to attend modern performances of plays written some 2,500 year ago in this ancient theater.

When next you think of spending a summer holiday, consider a visit to the Epidaurus of Greece.

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The Theater of Epidaurus

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